Inspiration of Visionary Art Sculptures

Sierras de Rocha Uruguay

The art is still alive

My conception of art is the comprehension of nature and all its elements. To embrace them, incorporate them, and interact with them.

Cultivating the heart is to create, to decode the lines of the book of life, and write the next multicolored page in the inner and outer Universe. This can only be achieved with the chemistry that exists in the heart, the thinking electricity of our infinite mind. A flower withers, giving way to the beauty of its seeds, which will travel through other valleys to blossom and dance for our Father Sun and our Mother Earth.

From where everything arises and to where everything returns, from the very heart of all our existence, the artist's senses inevitably sharpen to face life and express the wonder of things.

My sculptural pipes come from this conception of art and my connection with nature. The pipe is not an item created to fill moments of leisure. The pipe is a tradition; the pipe creates a ritual; the pipe transmits peace. The pipe is a conduit to connect with our higher realities and with traditional memories are been forgotten.

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