Pedro Ferrizzo, artist

My name is Pedro Ferrizzo,

I am a sculptor with 25 years of experience, currently based in the hills of Rocha, Uruguay, surrounded by native forests, 40 km from the coast. Since 2002, I have been dedicated to creating sculptural pipes using very aged woods, such as coronilla, found in the rivers of Uruguay.

This work has been recognized in various countries in Europe and the United States by art critics and pipe collectors. Between 2002 and 2010, my works were presented in prominent places such as the Enjoy Hotel in Punta del Este, the Los Caracoles Gallery in José Ignacio, the Radisson Victoria Plaza Hotel, the Hecho Acá Exhibition at LATU, and an exhibition in Miami. My last exhibition was in Artexpo 2024 in New York. I also gave presentations at the Smokers Club in Buenos Aires, Barcelona (Spain), the Canary Islands, and in various written media.

My purpose as an artist is to show the connection with our indigenous ancestors of South America and other continents through my work. We have extensive information about studies conducted in various cultures regarding the use of pipes and tobacco rituals.

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